a man torn

Happy Thursday! It is two days past Christmas and I have yet to attend properly to the presents I received this year. I really don’t feel bad about it either. I worked all day yesterday and I am at it again today. All I really want to do when I get home is kiss Ramona’s cheeks and hold her. When I am able to put her down, there is the other love of my life who’s cheeks need kissing to. I will get that banjo humming, the harmonica blowing, and the legos building!

Ramona is a couple days past the three week mark and I am noticing that she is not sleeping quite as much as she was.  Thankfully though her sleeping is being done in longer spurts. Her big eyes are staying open longer and her pipes are working with greater efficiency. That girl can wail! She has yet to really start playing with anything but she is finally taking the chupón. Next stop the bottle!

Its not so much that Ramona makes me busy, its just hard to pull myself away from her to get the busy done.

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