The Bjorn

Still deciding if she likes it!

I am huge fan of the Baby Bjorn. Ramona is too once she settles in! (She wails something fierce when she gets in it) It is nice being able to have her right there with you while not using your hands to hold her. I wear it around the house, I play my guitar around it, and of course we go for walks. Monday we tried it with Ram facing out and it was success! I think she really liked being able to see everything on our walk instead of facing in and having to crane her neck from left to right to see anything. All that craning though probably helped her get those muscles built up. She does really good in the bumpo too. My sweet Ramona just keeps growing! One caveat, if you use the Bjorn don’t be surprised that your spouse expects the dishes and the laundry to be done.

Ramona is so close to doing a full night of sleep, eight and half hours last night. Kelly has a plan that will push Ramona past this final hump and get her sleeping until the sun comes up. We are starting to get better naps out of Ramona too. In the first few weeks she was napping like a champ but at about six weeks she started taking little cat naps. It is so fun to watch her learn and discover all the things she can do. Her little hands are getting coordinated and her coos are starting feel like they have some meaning. Loving life and thankful for my family! 

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