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Well turns out neither Pampers or Luvs can contain my daughters explosiveness! Yesterday that little girl blew it out the front and the back. It was something fierce, sounded like a drain after removing a hair ball. I was in the other room when I heard the gurgling and had to come check it out. Like any good father I saved the soiled clothes for mom! (I soaked them at least)

It has been another week of developments. Ram is trying to hold her bottle and she can keep it up for a bit. I am thinking it will be nice when she can do it on her own. I will miss it though. Feeding her is one my favorite things to do right behind our little jam sessions. The tongue and the drool continue to work overtime and the wiggling is getting close to full on roll overs. I can’t believe we are already at three months. This time last year, Kelly and I were buying chicks and not thinking about having a baby. Now we got more eggs than we need but before long we will have a daughter who can collect those eggs! Life has changed so much and it is sweet. Loving life!


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