my cheerleader

I have to apologies for making everyone wait so long for a new post. The past two weeks has really found a way to occupy any free time I had. I just returned for the World Pizza Games on Friday and am now finally back in the groove. In those two weeks big changes in the world of Ramona, and the sad part was that I was gone for one of the weeks. No worries, though, Kelly fed me a steady stream of pictures, videos and updates.

I have been talking about the roll over, and wouldn’t you know it would happen while I was away. Of course the first thing I wanted to see when I got home was my big girl roll over. That little turkey made me wait for three days! She was rolling over for Mom the entire time, she just didn’t want her old man to see. She finally caved and it brought tears to my eyes. My little Ram is growing up, next step the crawl!

Last night Ramona slept the entire night in her crib in her own room. She even slept in! We had to get her out of the bassinet because she was about to be too tall for it. In a way I was sad not having her in our room with us but it also made me proud. My little girl can sleep in her room all by herself. I am sure I will have to remind her of this many times in the years to come.

my girls

Ramona is getting to know her hands much better. She has always had the grip, and now she is getting the coordination. She has been playing this little game where she grabs her chupón, pulls it out and sees if she can get it back in. Now when she is fussing in her crib at night and I go in looking for her chupón, I have to remember to check her hand. Today I was holding the handle of one in my teeth when she yanked it out! Definitely need to start Ram proofing the house. (If I didn’t mention it before, I call a pacifier a chupón.)

I don’t ever want to be gone from my girls for so long but it is a good feeling knowing that they can take care of each other. Also, it is nice to have such great family there to lend a hand. Honestly it would be rough with out all the help we receive from our families. I love you all.

Life is great and I am loving it.


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