I have the back to work blues. It is only a short week for me this week, but still it is not fun being away from Ram. Practically the only time I get with her during my work week is in the morning. By the time I get home she is already sleeping. The only way to cope is to maximize the days I have with her and we max it out. Monday is family fun day and Tuesday is father daughter! This week we took a trip to the zoo, to the doctor, and did plenty of lounging.

On Monday we took advantage of the nice weather and headed to the zoo. We have been before but Ramona did not seem quite ready for it. This time we used the baby bjorn and Ram did great. She kept her head up and was watching everything! That girl loves being outside. The zoo had some exhibits opened that were closed on our previous trip, so that was nice for us. Plus, some of the sleeping animals last time were up soaking up the sun too. We had fun and I really enjoy making these memories with my family.

Tuesday morning we had to go get Ramona her four month vaccinations. She handled it like a champ and was even smiling at the nurse within minutes of her getting stuck! Kelly had to go to work so Ram and I lounged around all day. It is really nice just hanging out with my little girl. We watched a couple James Bond films to further her movie education. I have mentioned previously how she enjoys explosions, and the Bond films do not disappoint.

After typing this all up my work blues are dissipating and I am feeling fortunate. Life is good and I am a happy man.

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