Pop’s Day

Father’s Day was incredible and I can only imagine they will become even more amazing. Ramona took care of me proper. I got a whole bucket of goods and I am fairly certain she was extra sweet to me all day. I have talked about that feeling of being a part of a father’s club before and I was feeling the vibe all day Sunday. I guess Dads just know because there were plenty of head nods being exchanged. I had to work through lunch but I met up with my family in Bartlesville. It was a terrific evening, perfect patio weather. I just enjoy soaking up all the time I can with my girls and it is a bonus to have the rest of the Herrera clan there as well. I felt extra proud to be a dad.

Ramona is suffering from a serious snot nose. It is making it very difficult for her to breathe which in turn is a huge obstacle to napping. I hate a stuffed nose and I know how to work around it. It must be horrible to not know how to deal with it. I feel sorry for her.

Ramona is back to blowing raspberries. She stopped for a while but now she is blowing them out with perfect comedic timing. Ramona believes any lull in activity is deserving of one of her raspberries. For now I am finding them to be hilarious but I don’t know how long I am going to think it is funny while I am feeding her. There is only so much squash and peas one can take to the face.

Enjoy what you have and love it all.

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