Disco Lab

I am fresh off of another fabulous two whole days with Ramona! We even got Kelly for most of Tuesday, so bonus. This little girl continues to grow and learn daily. She is standing on her own for a few seconds before the wobbles take over. In addition to having the cutest wave and a thunderous clap, she is now pointing. She is ever more vocal and is starting to speak her mind! I am in love.

Yesterday we checked out Discovery Lab in Tulsa. That place is very neat and offers plenty for kids of all ages. I have been a little worried about Ramona starting day care but that girls loves being with other kids. As soon as we entered the Lab she lit up. I think my fears are somewhat relieved. Ram crawled through a tunnel made of tape and even slid down the huge slide! Some boy tried to take her boxes and she let him know that was not a good idea. I am most certainly impressed.

Ramona continues to be a dancing queen. It doesn’t matter the music, she feels the beat and has to shake her booty. It has been a great week. Ramona and I really enjoyed the extra time we got with Kelly on Tuesday. Life is good. Have a fantastic week!

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