Ahoy ye land lubbers!

Let the work week begin! I had a fantastic couple of days with my girls. Life seems to just keep getting better. I try and stay positive and focus on the big picture. Like everyone we encounter fuzziness but the trick is to adjust the rabbit ears and enjoy.

I have been thinking about the kind of dad I am going to be. We see all kinds of dads from our own to ones on sitcoms. I just want to be the best and I spend probably too much time thinking about it. I have been doing what I think is a good job for about eleven months now but its the future that concerns me. I keep asking myself how can I be better? How am I going to keep Ramona interested in her old man? How am I going to keep all these older boys she waves at at the grocery store at bay? How am I going to be the guy she comes to with her problems? Parenting so far for me has been natural. Ram has a dirty, I change it. I just sense that it is about to get much more complex than this. I need to be the man she can trust and respect. I figure with all my thinking on this that if I can do these two things, Ram and I will be in good shape.

We took a short trip to the zoo yesterday. Kelly didn’t have to go to work until early afternoon so we made for Mohawk park. The fall weather made it enjoyable for both the animals and us. I think just about every animal was out. Ramona waves at everyone she sees, animals included. She really enjoyed the sea horses in the aquarium and petting the goats. I love her pointing and saying what I believe is, “what’s that?” She grows up a little each day.

Our big challenge currently is weening her off the bottle. Sometimes she is good with it but other times she most certainly is not. Yesterday I made her some milk and put it in a sippy cup. She was crying for her milk so I thought maybe she would take the cup no problem. I hand it to her and she slaps it out of my hand. I try again and this time she just pushes it out of her face. I set it down in front of her and back way. Foolishly hoping that she will just take it. Nope. She wasn’t having it and to prove it she kicked the cup across the room. Total elapsed time at this point is seven minutes. I caved at eight and she was drinking out of her bottle at nine. I am certain that she was smirking at me behind that bottle.

Living and loving hope you are doing the same.

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  1. A precious time in your lives! Son you are a great father and when in doubt just talk to your Heavenly Father for he is the perfect father.


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