I think she likes it

Christmas is in a week! The shopping is done now to get everything wrapped and under the tree. This time of year is truly more exciting now that Ramona is here. Last year we were kind of in a blur and still adjusting to our new lives. This year we get to see the joy of Christmas light up our little girls eyes. I could not be happier.

Who needs a radio?

Having a one year old offers a whole new set of challenges. Each day varies from the previous in an unpredictable pattern. Somedays Ram wants to be held and others she wants to be free. Today she may not want to eat but tomorrow she will eat the cupboard dry. Perhaps she will nap well today and then again perhaps she will not. Kelly has been telling me this was going to happen and it has. I just have not had the luxury of the full experience. Yesterday I got the full dose. I was prepared though and went in to it with the flexibility of a yoga guru. I will say it is a tad bit more exhausting but when is caring for a child not? If anything it added a little spice to my day, kept me guessing.

I did enjoy my day with Ramona. We were pretty much grounded to the house all day due to some plumbing issues getting worked on. We made the most of it and spent as much time outside as we could. I think the best 30 minutes of my day was spent chasing her around the front yard waiting for Kelly to come home. We just rolled around in the grass giggling and exploring. Life’s best moments just happen, we just have to be ready. Have a good week!

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