Vacation complete and it was lovely. My whole family in one house again, what could possibly go wrong? Not a thing! We had a great time under the sun and in the water. We rode bikes, built sand castles, outdoor concerts, food trucks, splished and splashed, and ate ate ate! All around wonderful time.

Ramona has become fearless in the pool. She was just jumping in not caring if anyone was there to catch her or not. Needless to say that was a bit scary and kept both Kelly and I on alert. The good thing is as soon as she hits the water she starts working those arms and kicking those legs. This girl is under the impression that she can swim. This bravado rubbed off on Ram’s cousin Olive. So I guess I got that one kid with the bad influences!

Ram is really starting to speak some of her words clearly. That or I am just getting better at picking up what she is putting down. I am anxious to have a real conversation with her. I want to know what is going on in her head. She is so busy and constantly on the go. There has to be some great thoughts rattling around in her brain.

Live and Love. Have a great week.

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