I Do It

I have been really amazed at the amount of things Ramona can do by herself. Last night I watched her clear her plate after dinner and place the plate and her spoon into the sink. Earlier that day I was unloading the dishwasher and she started putting away her silverware. She has been helping herself to snacks out of the cupboard. If you give her a a few seconds with a screw top bottle she will have it open and commence pouring out the contents. I have learned this the hard way. She is also very good at putting away her toys when she is done with them. When we play with legos, she always breaks them apart and stows them back into the container when she is done. She does the same thing with her wooden train set. Is all of this suppose to be happening so soon? It makes me happy and sad. Happy she is developing and demonstrating independence. Sad that my baby is turning into a big girl.  I am reminded of just how big she is every time I try to do something for her that she can do herself. She screams, “I do it!” I am definitely feeling like I am hearing that way too often. I guess I should get use to it. I don’t see her letting me do anything she can’t do herself for some time. Daddy problems. 

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