Chapter One

These lovely ladies are my girls. Both have changed me and both I love whole. This blog is going to be about Ramona, my daughter, and her impact on my existence. It will also serve as an outlet to post as many pictures, to dote on her shamelessly, and a place for me to express all these emotions and feelings I have.
Ramona was born Monday December 3, 2012. So she is all of four days old. No real scares, just stress and nerves. Ramona tipped the scales at 8lb 13oz and 20″ long. Very healthy baby with a head full of hair, just like her mom and dad. I stood there watching my child take her first breath and a wave of emotion took hold. Moisture started saturating my eye lashes, heart beating double time, this was for real. I stood next to my wife as long as I could but I was being pulled to Ramona’s side. Kelly, my wife, gave me the nod and that was all I needed. Ramona needed me now. The nurses were weighing her and checking her vitals, all the while Ramona was testing out her pipes. The girl can wail! I reached out and she wrapped her hand around my finger. At that moment I realized that she had me. I was hers for life. So beautiful, so precious, this is my baby girl.

I remembered that we had both clans waiting for the news. We never found out the sex and popular vote had Ramona pegged for a he. I sent out a mass text from the delivery room with a picture attached confirming that she was definitely not a he. A few moments later I heard a loud cheer erupt from somewhere outside my world. The family had just received the news! She is a girl and her name is Ramona.


  1. December 3rd will be in our memory for ever! Happy to be at the hospital expecting our 5th grandbaby! Not knowing what we were going to have we were just praying for a healthy safe delivery for both Kelly and the baby! We were thinking that it might be a boy because of the colors that Kelly picked out and it just really felt like we were going to have a boy! So when the news and pic came OMG that pic of this beautiful little girl with these big eyes and cheeks and all that dark adorable hair! I was speechless my mouth fell open and my heart was in love! Everyone else was screaming and I was love struck silent! This beautiful baby girl was my granddaughter Ramona Elizabeth! A very special day…grandma:)


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