Get Real

After three nights in the hospital, we finally get to bring Ramona home. It felt great to take my baby girl home and begin this journey of fatherhood. At the same time, I was a bit scared and nervous. Who wouldn’t be, right? Night time is a scary time. I am not even a week into it and I have great fear of the night. Our last night at the hospital we tried to keep Ramona in the room with us. We lasted until about 11PM before we called the nursery to send someone down. And now this little angel will be at our house with no nursery staff to rescue us! Parents the world round would agree, this is for real.

The best way to describe night one at the H house is with a four letter word. I will let you chose your own. At one point we were all crying, and I assure you these were not tears of joy. Morning did come along with some form of shut eye. The sun has a way of making everything better as does my sweet Ramona.

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  1. I think every parent has that fear of being alone with their new baby! I did and not only with the first one it was all three! Suddenly you have this little bundle of love that is more precious than life itself! You don't want anything to happen to her. Your heart is hers and you want to protect every inch of her! I did a lot of praying because I'm only human and there is only so much that I could do! I called on God because my babies deserve the best! I'm still doing a lot of praying! Now you have entered into a new era of your life and your heart isn't only yours any longer. Miss Ramona will have your whole heart and mind so start praying son! Love you mom


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