Faces and Places

A few of the new faces

Yesterday was a big day. Ramona was away from home for over 9 hours and she handled it fabulously. We had to do a little show off tour before I returned back to work full time. We made three stops so Ramona could do meet and greets. The number of new faces she was going to see would give any adult some anxiety. Fortunately Ramona is built for the spotlight and gave a smile and photo op to all!

Kelly and I both believe firmly in punctuality. This is a belief that was not instilled in Ramona at birth. There was no rushing Ramona yesterday. We managed to leave the house twenty minutes behind schedule. I used those minutes to ensure that I had everything packed that we could possibly need or at least what I thought we could possibly need. I am still learning here for sure and I have a hunch I will be learning from here on out. The feeding schedule is the key to it all. Planets have to align and your timing has to be impeccable. We missed the window on the way there. We missed it again on the way back and got another hour with my family, so no complaint there. Yesterday was a good day.

Cousins Hand Smith and Herrera

Rhythm is what my little family needs, and I hope we fall into it soon. We are starting to figure Ramona out and I feel like we are getting closer and closer to the beat. The nights are better than the first ones and the days have all been good. This is a rhythm we will learn from each other and that makes me smile. 


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