Out and About

I have always thought of myself as an observant person and I think people who know me would agree. When I was 11 my family got a jeep cherokee and all of a sudden I was seeing jeeps everywhere. It was not like I never noticed before but now I was spotting jeeps a quarter mile away. The same thing happened to me today, except this time I was picking out the babies around town. I wanted to give a nod to all the other dads I saw pushing strollers but I restrained myself. I felt like I had just joined a club and it felt good!

Ramona at Ando’s for the first time!

Kelly and I got out Friday for Ramona’s first check up and a bite to eat. Ramona is healthy and putting on weight like she should. It took Kelly and I a second to register the nurse calling Ramona’s name was for us! Today we even took Ramona to church. Everyone seems amazed that we have her out of the house and they are just as amazed that Kelly is out too. I guess I just want the world to know and see my lovely girls! Patrick Swayze says it best, “Nobody puts Baby in a corner.”

I have fixed the comment issue so you should be able to comment now. Go Cowboys! 


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