The Carrot

Naked baby!

I mentioned yesterday about my update photos and how they get me through the day. We are also using an app called Baby Connect that tracks feedings, diaper changes, etc. I find myself checking that app on the hour. I just want to see what my Ramona is up to. It really helps me feel linked with my girls at home. Any little thing to get me by until it is time to head back home.

Ramona got the Yaya treatment last night. Yaya stayed over and helped us get a good night sleep, which was much appreciated. I never really thought about how tired I would be with these broken up sleep cycles. I feel bad even mentioning it. I am definitely getting more sleep than Kelly.

Ramona has the best mother a little girl could ever ask for. My wife is such a strong woman. She has taken to momming like a bee learns to bumble. I asked her how she was going to handle having two kids now that Ramona was here. I am here to say that she is taking care of both of us wonderfully. She knows just what both of us needs when we need it. I love her for it and thank God everyday that she is my wife.

So like the carrot to the horse, my girls are to me.

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  1. You do have a pretty good wife and mother to your daughter. As tired as she has to be I see her paying close attention to not only Ramona's needs but yours also! I think she is 100 percent love! Hey do you know that a horse loves sugar also. dkh


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