Today is the best day of my week! Monday is my Saturday and I get to spend the whole thing with Ramona and Kelly. I have been looking forward to this since Tuesday. No plans just the day together and I couldn’t be happier!

Our birds are not so happy. I am pretty sure they were having a meeting this morning, hashing out their escape plan. We have not been tending to them as much as we were before Ramona. Kelly said they were pecking at the back door the other day, trying to remind us that they existed! We will do better, we have just been preoccupied with Ramona.

We have been throwing around some nicknames for our little girl but nothing has stuck yet. Do you have any suggestions? (Mona/Moni are not on my potential list)


  1. I like funday! Just give your chicks some special food like lettuce or corn and they will still love you! I have no nickname for Ramona as of yet. I think one day just out of the blue yonder a name short and sweet and special will come about and fit little Miss Ramona! It will happen on its own time.dkh


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