Battle of the Nips

Afternoon siesta

These next few weeks we have to get Ramona on the bottle. This girl can’t stand a pacifier and the bottle attempts we have made thus far have all ended up back on the teet. Slow flow, colic nips, it makes no difference but we will find one Ramona can dig. We are going to hit it hard after Christmas. Kelly will be back to work in no time and Pops needs to be able to take care of his girl! Plus I will be able to give Kelly some much needed rest. I got the gym for my escape and she deserves an outlet of her own without having to worry about feedings.

My work week is exhausting on both me and Kelly. I want to be at home and Kelly wants me there with her and Ramona just as bad! I’ve been trying to make the most of the opportunities that are provided. Today I did not have to go in until One so we enjoyed a late breakfast together. Just the small things like a meal away from home make it a little easier. I love our life and the rhythm we crave is slowly taking hold.

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