Ramona and the Jets

It is true, time is a rocket. Ramona has already been with us for two weeks and I couldn’t imagine my world without her in it. It is amazing how you can go your whole life without someone in it and then one moment with them and life just doesn’t seem possible without them. Truly awesome.

Ramona had her two week check up yesterday. She is growing, over a pound in weight and an inch in height! All systems are a go. Now we have the two month on the calendar and the dreaded vaccinations. I am not looking forward to the suffering that will be inflicted on my little girl. I am starting to understand the, “this is going to hurt me more than you.”

Everything has been going really well. A bit jealous of Kelly, she seems to be getting more and more in tune with our daughter. Kelly is beginning to be able to tell what Ramona’s cries and grunts mean. I am still just cycling through all the possibilities until I find a winner. It okay though Mom has a slight advantage.

I am loving life but I am already wishing it would slow down.

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