Año Nuevo

Party Animal!

I am ecstatic for what 2013 holds for my family and I! 2012 brought both Kelly and I new jobs, a new kitchen, and the icing, Ramona. In the last 4 weeks my little girl has changed so much. This time next year, I don’t even want to think about it! I am just excited that I get to see and be a part of every step she takes. Speaking of steps I predict she might be taking a few by Halloween. Girl is strong in body and mind, just like her mother. This year I want to cherish every day I have with my family and I hope you are able to as well. Happy 2013 and may God bless us all!

Ramona brought in the new year at her aunt Katie’s house. She slept mostly, but managed to throw up a hand at the appropriate time. She was also very willing to give her daddy a new year’s kiss!

I spent close to three hours alone with Ms. Ramona on Monday. I am happy to say she took a little over an ounce from the bottle with minimal complaint. She had her first screening of Blazing Saddles and we listened to Abbey Road. I want to make sure she gets her culture at a young age.

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