D Day

It is coming quick! In a week I will be running solo with Ms. Ramona. I am experiencing a healthy blend of fear and excitement. Fear of the unknown along with the excitement of facing it! I know I will be fine, after all, dads know best, right? My longest stretch of solo time with Ramona is just over three hours so I am anticipating some unfamiliar moments. I have not really had to deal with the “hell hour” but I got a plan for it; ear plugs and music. Ramona seems to like it when I play and sing. The ear plugs are purely for my sanity. Feedings with the bottle are getting good and I feel that with no other options, Ramona will refuse to go hungry. I really pray that I am not reporting next week that my confidence was crushed by my sweet Ramona!

Kelly has her own D day and it is called the back to work blues. I know the tune and it is not pleasant but it gets more melodious as you pick up the beat. I will help her just as she has helped me. Plenty of updates with pictures, phone calls, and dropping in for lunches!

Last night was great. Ramona slept for a couple of long stretches and we all woke up rested this morning. I think Ramona just wanted to be at her best for her visit to B’ville today. Whatever the reason the good night of sleep was much appreciated. Loving life. 

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