Pirate Monkey

Avast ye old salts! Ramona walked the plank ‘n dug fer treasure ’tis shore leave past.

Ramona has the good fortune of having two sets of twin cousins who happen to have birthdays days apart. Which means that we had two parties to attend this last weekend. A sock monkey theme and a pirate and princess party. Ramona made a great sock monkey but I was really digging her pirate rags. She mostly slept through both parties but we did discover she likes balloons. Kid parties are different when you actually have a kid at the party. I am kind of excited to have a party for Ramona.

The test of my parenting skills has finally come and I believe I fared well. I had Ramona all to myself Saturday morning, Monday, and Tuesday. Saturday was a breeze as was Monday. She took to the bottle like she had been doing it for weeks. No complaints, a couple extra burps but all was good. We even made it to Owasso for a food tasting on Monday. Rolling into Tuesday I was feeling pretty good. Ramona let her dad know who the boss was on Tuesday. I guess she was just giving me a grace period because she let me have it! She did not want anything to do with that bottle. She barely drank an ounce in the five hours that she was in my care. Luckily she was not screaming the entire time rather it was long intervals interrupted by the sleep caused from blowing your lungs out. I remained cool, calm, and collected throughout only by the grace of God. I waited to have my melt down until Kelly made it home from work. I am always happy to see my wife but perhaps I was a bit more that day. I know Ramona was!

I wanted to type this whole blog in pirate but I restricted myself to the one line so your welcome.

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  1. Ramona was a beautiful sock monkey! She also made a great pirate I think she will do good with about anything! You are a great dad very loving, patience, gentle, kind, and positive!dkh


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