Week 5 Closing in on 6

Milk drunk

This past week has been full. Kelly went back to work. Ramona spent some one on one time with grandma and Aunt Katie. I got a whole Saturday morning with just Ramona, my guitar and a harmonica. Ramona even slept in her bassinet until the sun came up this morning. Life is changing.

I am really proud of Kelly. She went back to work with less fuss than I did. I know it was more difficult for her but she just picked up her shears and got to clipping. Having my mom and her sister watching Ramona is a great help. Just knowing that your baby is in good loving hands makes going to work easier.

Not the best pic but you get the idea

Ramona made our Saturday together a breeze. That girl loves music! I had her in the baby bjorn while I was doing some dishes and getting some laundry going. She really wasn’t having it. I decided I would grab my guitar and see if I could play around her. Success! It was a bit awkward but I adjusted nicely. As soon as I strummed that first chord, she just laid her head back and was at peace. We played several songs before she nodded off. After that daddy was free to get some work done. I am trying to learn the harmonica so I incorporated some practice time in when she would wake up. There is nothing like practicing in front of an audience that doesn’t seem to care how bad you sound nor has the ability to tell anyone either!

Bright eyes for grandma!

Life is grand. I have been saying that often as of late and that is because it is truth. I wake up excited and fall asleep much the same. Everyday is another I get to share with my family and I am thankful.


  1. i am happy Ramona took it easy on you! She is currently giving me fits for trying to get ready. Guess momma needs to learn an instrument!


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