Tick Tock

Out for a stroll

I am definitely having a case of the Wednesdays. It is not fun going back to work after spending the last two days with Ramona. I am really enjoying my father daughter time. This week went even better than last. No major meltdowns and empty bottles on both days. We made some music, read some books, told some stories, and even got out for a walk yesterday. Ramona is starting to smile voluntarily. Kelly is pretending to fall asleep and our little girl finds it to be hilarious. Yesterday I started making noise with my lips to get Ramona’s attention. She was really interested but when I put my finger up to her lips and made the noise she gave dad a huge grin. It won’t be long and she will be able to make that noise all by herself! I love the feeling I get when I am spending time with my sweet Ramona.

Ramona has pretty much outgrown all of her 0-3 month clothes and she just hit the 7 week mark. I believe she got to wear almost everything at least once. It is a little sad that she is already out of this stage. I am anxious for her to grow but I sure love having my little baby. I guess the lesson is to cherish each stage of her life because the stages like time keep moving.

Ito time!


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