Today is the best day of my week. Sundays are great for many reasons, mostly they are great because once three o’clock hits I am headed home to spend the next couple of days with my girls. We go to church in the morning and then I go work my last shift of the week. I love Sundays!

Ramona and I had lunch with Kelly’s family on Saturday. I can assure you that babies are chick magnets! Ramona and I were sitting with grandma Dizmang waiting for everyone to show up and everyone that passed by had to stop and check out Ms. Ramona. It made me feel pretty good and I know it made grandma Dizmang proud. All of grandma’s friends were in love with my little girl. I guess I should clarify when I said chick I was referring to a more mature chick! It was a great lunch that could have only been made better with the presence of Kelly.

Sleepy/eat time update: Ramona is doing really well. She is sleeping five hour stretches fairly consistent. She is able to put her self to sleep more oft than not. She definitely likes sleeping between Kelly and I but we are being disciplined and only allowing that in the early mornings. Its hard though, I like having Ramona all snuggled up in my nook. It won’t be long and she will be giving her mom a full night of uninterrupted sleep. Ramona is getting closer to being on a normal eating schedule. She does well with the bottle now and of course her and Kelly are in tune. That rhythm I talk about is starting to jive. Love my family and love my life!

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