8 Weeks

Monday was an amazing 70 degrees outside. We took advantage and went to the zoo! Ramona’s first trip to the zoo complete with a picnic lunch! To be truthful, Ramona had her lunch in the back of the jeep but I won’t tell her. We met my parents, my sister Melissa and her twins. Ramona slept pretty much the whole time but it was still nice to get out and enjoy a beautiful day. The twins seemed to be pretty interested with everything so I am guessing Ramona will to in a few months. Good family day trip to the zoo.

I have discovered that Ramona enjoys action movies. At the least she enjoys things blowing up and fire balls. She starts to cry when the dialogue picks back up, I have to admit I am the same way! I am really enjoying the time I get to spend with her. Whether it is watching movies, reading books, singing and/or playing guitar, it is just fun being with her. She is growing so fast and I am thankful I get to watch and be a part of it. This morning Kelly had her in the bumpo and Ramona was sitting up and holding her head all by herself. During belly time she is inching along like a centipede. Life is great!

In my last post I reported Ramona sleeping 5 hour stretches but that same night she gave us a 7 hour stretch. She is pushing 8 hours every night this week! The uninterrupted sleep is appreciated. Next stop, the all nighter.

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