Another week has passed and Ramona is on the cusp of being five months old! All of the developments she has made have really been amplified with the arrival of Archer. I look at my sisters baby boy and I remember Ramona sleeping just like him. Now I try to wear Ram out so she will take a nap!

We have started Ramona on some solid foods and thus far it has gone pretty well. I don’t think she is a fan of the rice cereal but she took to the sweet potato last week. This week we introduced avocados and it appears she is indeed Mexican. The first time I fed her with a spoon it did not work out so good. Apparently there is a bit of a learning curve in spoon feeding. I am getting the hang of it now thankfully, otherwise the avocados might have gotten a bit messier. I definitely can see why some babies eat clad in diapers only! I will say one thing though, teach your child to blow raspberries at your own peril.

Yesterday I got to take my girls out for a picnic and enjoyed the delightful weather we have been having. Ramona helped me make the basket up, and she even helped Kelly bake some cookies the night before. The girl loves being outside. We had a great time watching the cars go by and the other kids playing in the park. I love days like this. It could have only been better if the park had a swing! And where did the merry go round spin off to?

Life is good and I am thankful I get to enjoy it with my girls.

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