Mr. Brown brings the Thunder!

Best place for a nap

I took Ramona on her first hike on Turkey Mountain yesterday. I am certain she enjoyed it. Ram locked on to a butterfly and was all smiles. Her head was going up, down, and all around. It took me a second to figure out what she was doing. She got several compliments during our hike. If you know Ram, you know she loves hearing how sweet she is! She really got a kick out of me shooing the flies out of our path, her little giggle is infectious. It was a great afternoon with Ramona.

Life is never dull with Kelly and the same can be said about Ramona. These girls have a way of making sitting at home exciting. Yesterday I experienced the mother of all blowouts. I thought I had seen bad but yesterday I witnessed the full meaning of those three letters. As much as I would love to graphically explain the whole scenario I will not out of respect for my daughter and out of fear of a retaliatory blow out. It is a good tale and if you really must I will oblige you over a beverage.

All my girls!

Solids report: This week, Ramona had yogurt for the first time. I think she likes it so far. I feel fortunate that Ramona seems to not really mind anything. As long as she has her own spoon to hold, she so far will pretty much eat anything. Hopefully this will continue to be the case.

Living and loving everyday.


  1. Thank you for sparing your readers the details. I however was not so fortunate and received a fully detailed reports. But at least she saved it for you not me! 🙂


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