Green Bean

It is already Friday and I am just now getting to this blog! The balancing act is proving to be difficult this week. No worries though, I found a little sliver carved out just for the Ramona Files.

Family Fun Day

Kelly’s first Mother’s Day went well I hope. I was unable to spend the day with her but she was surrounded by family and of course Ramona all day. By the time I got home, Ramona was already asleep but Kelly was all smiles. I think she had a good day!

We took Ramona to see the doctor for the first time that was not a regularly scheduled appointment. Our happy baby was all frowns and screams. Turns out she just had a head cold, which we all picked up as is evident by my sniffles now. I love my little turkey and I don’t like it when she is not happy. Thankfully she is doing much better now and her smiles have returned.

Green beans

Solids report: We have found something Ram does doesn’t care for, green beans. She is definitely not a fan. Other than that she has been eagerly eating solids. I tasted the green beans and they weren’t bad but could have used some salt and pepper, possibly some bacon!

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  1. She may like greenbeans when she is a little older. Little bit of butter, bacon, red potatoes, salt and pepper added to those fresh string beans and placed on her tray to pick up and feed herself! She will think yum and oh how fun!


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