Booty scoots

May is all but over and Ram is closing in on six months of existence. I am beginning to realize that this little girl will probably never cease to amaze me. For a first time dad everything is new and they develop these abilities with the quickness.

Ramona had a little play date with Lena who is just few weeks older than her. Ram came away from the date a little frustrated with her lack of mobility. She put her head down and cried it out. Then she got to work and is now able move backwards a bit and spin all the way around. The forward motion has yet to be conquered but I predict she will be hurdling that obstacle in the coming weeks.

Holiday weekend was busy for us. We did a picnic dinner at the park on Sunday. It was great weather and the park had a band with a banjo playing. It was a perfect night. On Monday Ramona and Kelly went out to Uncle Gene’s to play with his farm animals. Then we had a cook out to cap it all off. Tuesday was for recuperating. Sadly Kelly had to work but that did not stop Ram and I from taking it easy.

Life moves quick and I am just trying to enjoy every minute of it.

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