Al Fresco

Ram’s new friend

Today just might possibly be the hardest day to go back to work this year. We have had the absolute perfect weekend. Ram was celebrating her half birthday and I celebrated my own birthday. We kicked it off Sunday night with a cook out in Bartlesville. Our family cook outs are definitely getting more exciting. We have six kids between my sisters and I, four of which are under two, so the excitement can only build from here.

On Monday I took my girls camping at Keystone State Park. Rams first encounter with one of Kelly and I’s favorite things to do. I am fairly certain she will be ready to do it again soon. The weather was a pleasant blend of sun and breeze. The pests that can spoil your fun were absent and the restrooms were clean. We did not do much other than enjoy the outdoors. We ate, laughed, sung, played, told spooky stories, and mostly just enjoyed ourselves. Kelly and I saved the s’mores until after Ram fell asleep! She will get that experience soon enough. Then the lightning cracked and the thunder boomed, shaking the ground and echoing through the lakeside. At one point I sat up in the tent looked over to see Kelly up as well and then looked down to see Ram wide eyed with an inquisitive face. She didn’t make a peep in protest all night. It rained all night and into the morning. I think we had everything packed up and on the road by 8AM!

Ramona is now eating solids two or three times a day. Liquid meals equal liquid diapers, so I find that solid foods well its solid. Ramona had her first graham cracker and she approves. She pretty much is ready try anything. She is still not crawling but her scooting is getting better. Ram is also beginning to giggle. It doesn’t happen often but when she does it is amazing.

Family time is priceless and I am thankful everyday.

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