The Wednesday blues are on me once again. It is even worse today because I know I will not be home in time to see Ram before she goes to sleep. It is hard not being with her. I am just glad that I got to spend all day Monday and Tuesday with my little girl. All I can do today is wonder what new tricks will she learn.

 The last few weeks Ramona has really been lighting up when Kelly or I enter the room. It feels unbelievable to know that her just seeing me can cause that reaction. I know that I start to beam when I see her so I guess it only makes sense that she would do the same. I am completely loving everything about this journey of fatherhood thus far.

Kelly and I have started to use the one word that nobody likes to hear with Ramona. That word would be NO. Now that Ram is becoming mobile and is capable of pulling herself up, we decided we better start teaching her that word. Besides I am not finding the hair pulling and fish hooks to my nose that cute anymore! Ram has been using her two teeth to inflict some damage as well and biters are never well received. I made her cry by telling her no yesterday and it felt horrible. It is going to take some getting use to for all of us.

It happened. My precious little angel gave me a smack to the face. I was getting her pretty good and she was laughing but those laughs turned into the leave me alone cries. Kelly came and rescued her but I saw an opening on Ram’s neck and went for it. Imagine my surprise when her cute little hand came flying right at my face! I could not contain my laughter. In hindsight we probably should not have laughed but it was so unexpected. Being a dad is amazing. 


  1. Ramona is a bright happy beautiful girl! She is full of smiles and her smiles cover her whole face and lasts a long time! I just love her so much she is so special!


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