It is the middle of July, summer is in its final stretch, and the sun is all heated up. I miss the lazy days of summer I enjoyed as a kid. Everyday was a new adventure. Ramona gets to have that now and I get to enjoy some of that with her every week.

Ramona got to spend some quality play time with her cousins this past week. She has been doing really good interacting with them too. That is until it is nap time or her belly starts to growl. It is really neat watching these kids play together. Kids are special because they will play with anyone that is willing to play. I really fancy just watching them all together. Family is so important and I am thankful that Ram has so many cousins she gets to grow up with.

One cool blueberry 

Ram is going to spend the next two days in Bartlesville, which means I will not get to play with my girl until Friday morning. That is a bit longer than I like to go without seeing my girl. I know she will have fun with yaya and grandma. It does mean that I get to take Kelly out to dinner and a movie and that is definitely over due. I am happy and full of love. Have a great week!

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