High Five

This week has been huge in the development department. Ramona has picked up several new tricks. She can now clap her hands, high five, and shake her head no. I didn’t think she would be telling me no so soon but I also didn’t know she would be slapping fives my direction either. The hand clapping is great too, especially when she does it during guitar time!

The other night I was talking with a couple of fellas that have teenage daughters. They were talking about how sweet their little girls were but that sweetness seems to take a vacation around the age of 13. They informed me that there comes a time that my little girl will no longer find my jokes funny. That my little princess will talk back and may even use language unfitting of a lady. I did not like hearing that but I guess it is inevitable. I will just enjoy the now and suffer then with the hope that it will pass soon.

Ram has been battling an ear infection since last week. She takes her medicine well but we have had a few rough nights. Thankfully I believe we are past the worst of it. She slept all the way through last night and her temperament seems to be returning back to normal. She is still a little snot nose and making her laugh comes with a price!

It has been a couple weeks since I have posted anything about what Ramona has been eating. Her pallet is expanding daily. Noodles, beef, chicken, potatoes, fruits, veggies, bread, eggs, and the list can go on and on. Most days she is really into eating and I don’t really notice her not wanting to eat specific items. She prefers to feed herself and she wants her water when she is done. Now we just got to get those spoon skills up to par.

Everything is great and I am thankful. Enjoy these last days of summer.

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