The Cut

Today has been crazy so far. Ramona did not have a good night last night which means interrupted sleep for mom and dad. Kelly bears the brunt of this. I have the ability to sleep through most of it but last night Ram was blowing her pipes at maximum volume. Since the ear infection her sleeping has not been the same and I am ready for the nights to return to normal.

Kelly and I went to a wedding on Saturday and Ramona spent the weekend with her grandparents. It is hard to be away from her but she was in good hands. Every kid needs a weekend here and there with their grandparents, no one can spoil them better!

Yesterday I was cooking some food for Ramona. I was chopping vegetables and grilling chicken. Kelly is laughing because while I am doing all this for Ramona, we are eating pork rinds! I guess we are just putting more thought into what she is eating. Kelly and I did end up eating a good lunch, the chicharones were just an appetizer. I will say we have much more produce in our fridge now since Ramona started eating solids, so that is a good thing.

Kelly cut Ram’s hair yesterday and I got to hold her while it went down. I don’t know if I would really call it a hair cut it was more of a trim but still. Ram sat there pretty good, but she was moving her head around looking at everything and everyone. It probably helped that she has been in that salon many many times. All and all it has been a great week. I am thankful to have such a wonderful family to come home to every night. Life is terrific.

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