We have had a fantastic week. It is beginning to feel like fall, we got some much needed rain, and everything is just dropping into place. I am excited to take my girls camping this fall. Ramona needs to experience s’mores and sleeping under an autumn sky. A little kayaking is in order as well! This is probably my favorite time of the year.

Ramona continues to develop her climbing prowess. She conquered the stair case at grandma’s Sunday on her first attempt. Once she did the first three steps she was off to the races. Ram was demonstrating her developed skills at the Discovery Lab yesterday as well. My sister and her kids met us there for a couple of energy depleting hours. Ram never slept so good after we left! It is definitely time to take the baby proofing to another level. The climbing is giving her some added reach and standing at 28″ tall her reach can be quite deceptive. Plus she is determined to get what she wants.

The ride home!

I really love my Tuesday’s with Ramona. Monday’s are great too with my whole family. I don’t know how or why people would chose not to spend as much time as possible with their kids. Ram always brings a smile to my face. Even when she is being a punk, I know that she is my little punk and that makes me proud. I am enjoying every bit of this ride and I hope you are as well!

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