9 to 10

Where did September go? Time didn’t speed up, Ramona just seems to make me notice just how fast the clock ticks. Closing in on ten months and that birthday seems to be within her alarmingly long reach. Kelly is already preparing for it. The theme has been decided, and the dress is being constructed. I could not believe how my little girl was going to fit into such a big dress. I was convinced that it was too much dress, until Kelly tried the dress on Ram and it fit. Every day I have moments like this and they strengthen the notion that we need to cherish every moment we have.

We went to a pot luck and talent show on Sunday hosted by our church. Ramona did not perform this year but I have a feeling she will next year. She gets so excited watching the talent. She was clapping and banging on the table. Her smile stretches across her face and her eyes sparkle. She is such a people person. I don’t believe she has met a stranger yet. That girl is always making friends. 

Ramona and I had a busy Tuesday. We did lunch with Kelly and the grandmas, played nine holes of disc golf, visited Kelly at work, made a Target run, and giggled the afternoon away. I love my days with Ramona. The last hour between her dinner and bath is amazing. She is in that tired silly state. She just wrestles and climbs over me. We laugh and hug, snuggle and kiss, and just love each other. She is the sweetest thing.

Enjoy your week and be thankful that you can!

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