Fair to Moderate

My days has been eventful so I am now just getting a chance to make the weekly post. Ramona started the week as someone who has never been to the State Fair. At midweek she has now been twice and I am not really sure how she feels about it. Sure the people watching is great but at not even a year old how far can that take you? Rides are out of the question so that leaves the food to sell a 10 month old baby on the midway. I think she is sold. The pineapple whip and the fried fruity pebbles hit the spot for Ram. She did have some pizza from the Ando truck but she gets Ando pizza whenever she wants. Next year will be a completely different story.

Tomorrow is going to be a hard one. Ramona leaves to go stay with Grandma and Ito until Sunday. She will have a blast. I will be busy with work and Kelly will be camping. Even though we will be occupied, I am not looking forward to waking up and not having both of my girls. Last time this occurred, I found myself continually looking in Ram’s room to see how she was doing. I am just the kind of guy that likes his family around and I am sad when they aren’t.

Hope everyone has a great week. Happy October!

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