Green Acres

Turns out that along with being an avid climber, Ramona has a little Evel Knievel in her. She keeps attempting to climb over the side of the couch and I presume leap to a ceramic tile landing. Ram also has been scaling the side of the bath tub, in effort to get in and out with equal zeal. It has both Kelly and I on edge but a girl is going to do what a girl wants to do. I pray that we will be there to intervene if she does indeed make it over the top.

Yesterday we spent the morning out at my grandparents. Ramona had some fun with her cousins and gave my grandma plenty of loving. She really likes being outside and yesterday was a perfect fall day. Kelly had to get the dirt out from under her finger nails! I am happy that my little girl doesn’t mind getting dirty. Ram also rode on the tractor with me. I didn’t know if she would be into it but she was all over it. She is just happy and ready for anything. Her vibe is contagious, she just makes you want to have fun with her. I love my little Ram.

This week Ramona goes up to two days of day care. I really don’t think it will be an issue but you never know. I think it will most likely be hardest on Kelly. My girls are strong so I am sure they will power through. I hope everyone is doing great so far this week. Enjoy life and be happy!

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