Remember November

All the leaves are turning and everything is looking beautiful. I am pretty sure this is my favorite time of the year. Ram is closing in on her one year and the holidays are upon us. Life is good and we are enjoying each day!

Taking Moms bite

My little girl is cutting four teeth right now and battling a stuffy nose. For the most part she doesn’t complain, but some nights are just brutal. Last night she woke up around three screaming and it went on for a good half hour. Eventually she found herself in our bed. Usually I am not a fan but last night she snuggled up next to her old man and slept sound. I woke up this morning and did’t want to move, it was amazing. Ramona is so sweet and peaceful in her sleep. Her stuffy nose causes her to snore a bit and its adorable. I think I could have laid there watching her until she woke up. Loving these times.

Ramona is definitely growing up. Yesterday at breakfast she sat at her table and ate. At lunch she sat in a booster. The high chair days may be coming to an end. She did really good too. We are going to be starting cow milk this week as well. It all seems to be happening too fast! I am ever thankful that I started this blog. I really enjoy being able to share all these moments here. If anything it gives me a chance to go back and relive some of these special moments. Hope everyone is having a terrific week!

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