Buzzing Through

I love Tuesdays! They are not quite as good as Mondays but Tuesdays with Ramona are the bees knees. That girl keeps me busy all day and can even make a cold stay at home day a blast. Yesterday we probably got into every toy, opened every drawer, pulled every book off the shelf, and giggled the day away. We did some music practice as well, and I am telling you Ram can play a mean kazoo and she is getting the hang of the recorder. (think hot cross buns) By the end of the day both of us are ready for sleep and yesterday was no exception.

Ram got some family time in on Sunday and Monday this week. Sunday we spent the evening with Kelly’s family. Plenty of action to be had with her cousins. Ramona got in the toilet and washed her hands much to the delight of mom. Ram had me up and down the stairs so many times. She would crawl up the first few steps and look for me or anyone to chase her. It was a perfect night. On Monday we met my little sister and her family and enjoyed the Veteran’s Day Parade. I was really glad we did. It felt good to applaud all the men and women who have served our country. Ramona was really into the marching bands. She broke into dance every time they passed. It was a great weekend and memories were made.

Hope everyone is having a fantastic week. Enjoy it!

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