Happy Thanksgiving Eve! We already have one turkey dinner down and we got my family tomorrow. Should be nice not having to eat at one place and run to another to eat again! I know its not all about the eating but lets be frank it will always be about the spread. Who is sitting next to you just enhances the meal. Last year Ramona was still waiting to be born for this holiday. I remember thinking Kelly was going into labor after round two of Thanksgiving bliss. I really do enjoy this time of year. I think Ram is liking it too. She has her cousins to play with, grandparents to love, aunts and uncles to dote on her, and a home other than her own to explore. I didn’t even mention all the pumpkin pie and whip cream the family will sneak her! Whats not to love about the holidays for a kid? 

Ramona is still just taking a few steps unaided. I am certain she can do more than that. She usually falls when she realizes she is not holding on to anything. I am okay with that, not in any hurry for her to grow up. Ram is cutting four or five teeth now, but she seems to be fine with it. Most days if they are bothering her she just grabs something to chew on. I try to have that not be my phone or my finger. I am starting to understand what she is saying when she talks, which she is doing ever more frequently. At night we bathe her and get her ready for bed, we usually have a bottle of milk on a shelf. After her bath she will now point at the shelf and start babbling what I think sounds like bottle. These are fun times indeed. 
Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Hope you are enjoying life and making memories.

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