Yes No Maybe

The sun is hiding and the sky is spitting a little but all will be well. The last couple of days with Ramona have been magnificent. She is walking so fast it could be considered a jog or at the very least  a very brisk mall walk. You turn your head for a second and she vanishes. I blame the vanishing act on Kelly. They have been playing hide and seek. I have said it many times through this journey, once you think you got it down the whole game changes and it has changed. Climbing everything and pushing everything and everyone around. This morning she took the cabinet lock off and got in to play around with the pots and pans. When she was done she shut the cabinet and put the lock back on. This is going to be a fun phase.

We are starting to feel like Ramona is understanding what we are saying and asking her so much more. She has been nodding no and for the last couple of weeks she has been nodding yes. She is not perfect and sometimes says yes when she means no but it is still very cool. I know she likes it too, she has a bit of a say now. The other night I asked her if she was ready for bed, she nodded yes so I laid her down. Not a single peep it was lights out. I love being a dad.

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