I missed a post last week and I apologize to those of you who noticed. The weeks just keep flying by and I can hardly believe that we are a week into February! Life has been good though. Ramona keeps growing up and Kelly and I are enjoying every minute. Ram has been battling the sniffles and a painful cough. She is not much of a complainer so I know it has to hurt when she whimpers after a coughing fit. It really makes me feel miserable when she cries in pain. On the plus side there have been significantly more snugs than normal and I am not one to complain about such activities. 

This weather and Ramona’s cold have been keeping us inside more than we like. We have been getting creative with our indoor activities. A few post ago I mentioned that Ram is becoming quite the hide and seeker. Well she is getting scary good now. I never thought a one year old could be so still and quiet. Lucky for me she has her go to spots. Before having a daughter I never really saw myself as the type that would wear rollers and barrettes in my hair. Ram doesn’t share such notions and sees fit to adorn my hair with anything she has at her disposal. Thankfully such shenanigans are done in the privacy of our home. 
On the development side Ram is chugging right along. She is babbling constantly and the words you can make out are growing daily. I can clearly hear; mom, dad, up, what, and no. I am pretty sure she is saying milk, that, and uh huh but it is not entirely clear. She is getting much better with matching shapes. She knows where her nose is, belly button, ears, and mouth. Getting her to point them out can be trying but she complies when she wants to! She has started to do spins and has incorporated this into her dancing. Ram can make a beat on any surface and if the mood strikes her she lets it rip. She is understanding more of what we are saying with each new day. Basically growing up is fun and exciting. 
It really is amazing how we develop as humans. It is hard to believe that a year a go Ram was unable to do much other than sleep and cry. There is so much more to her today and everyday she will add to it. I feel inspired and we all should be. We can grow and we can develop, its not just for kids. Have a great week! 

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