Into the cold we go once again. I don’t know if I could handle living somewhere with stagnant thermometers, I crave variance and Oklahoma has it. It has been another great week. We did not get into a whole lot of craziness but we entertained ourselves.  We had some sun on Monday and spent a good deal of it out and about. Swinging, playing with chickens, grocery shopping, rolling in the grass, and just about anything a one year old can get into.

I have been dabbling in some healthier eating options. Ramona doesn’t seem to mind. She has definitely been all about the smoothies. That could be due to her learning how to use a straw or perhaps she is just into kale. I am good with it either way!

Ramona is entering the extreme climbing phase. She is much better at getting up then she is with getting down. She has not had any major incidents that would make her think twice. I do not want to see her get hurt but I am afraid that that might be the only way for her to learn the consequences. She has conquered her wagon, attempted several times to tackle the bath tub but it still evades her prowess. She has mastered the bed, couch, ottoman, and the shelving on the kitchen island. Stairs you say, Ram says pooie, she has had that in her bag for months now.  The question is when will she take on the crib!

I hope everyone has a fabulous week! Enjoy the small things and the big things will be that much sweeter.

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