Do It Myself

Sometimes I have a hard time starting these blog entries and other times it just flows right on out. Today I am just running with it and we will see what happens. We have been watching plenty of Olympic action at our house. Ramona really only seems to be interested with figure skating, and this pleases me. Kelly likes to give me a hard time for enjoying figure skating, but I do and now I have someone who will watch it with me without comment. This year I have been into the backstories of the athletes. We have been imagining what Ramona might be into one day. Seeing these Olympians doing their sport as children has got us thinking. Perhaps Ram will be a hockey player? She already has a good nickname for it. She might just pilot a bobsled, or any number of things. Then again maybe she won’t be into sport at all. It is funny how I like to plan her future for her, because trust me this little girl is going to do exactly what she wants to do.

This morning Ramona woke up hungry, so she helped herself to some bread. Last night she wanted raisins so she got the box down and opened it. Obviously we have some child proofing issues that need to be addressed. The thing is I love it and it makes me smile. I love that she wants to do it herself. Yesterday when I got her home after school, she grabbed her bag and dragged it all the way inside. I tried to help but she barked at me. It reminds me of the first time I went grocery shopping with Kelly. I made the mistake of trying to carry all the bags inside. I guess now I have two pack mules! 
The weather has been lovely these last few days. We have been enjoying it and I hope you have as well because the forecast looks cold next week. Have fun and be merry its good for your health!

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