New experiences are not always good but they are most certainly not without some level of excitement. Ramona has been battling a cough for a few weeks now and we decided we needed to get her in to see the doctor. Turns out my little girl has infection in both ears. Thankfully the antibiotics are doing the trick and she is already doing much better. She even managed to sleep soundly through the night last night. We have been blessed with a child that has been in great health since birth and hopefully that continues to be the case. 

As if the ear infections were not enough, Ram placed both hands on a hot oven. I am talking slapping both hands on the inside of the oven door. She knows what hot means and lifted her hands almost immediately. I don’t think I have heard her cry like that or seen tears that big ever. I went into straight Dad mode and started working on fixing her up. I grabbed a stick of butter out of the fridge first and gave that to her. I was trying assess the damage but the butter was working its magic because she would not release her grip. Once I got a peek I realized that it was not remotely as bad as I expected it to be. I got her all calmed down and she was enjoying the boo boo bunny Kelly made for her the week prior. Thats when my own issues arose. This happened while I was in charge. I let my daughter place her hands on a hot oven. The gravity of the situation was weighing on me. I kept replaying the whole thing trying to figure out where I went wrong. I called my Dad and he knew what I was going through. He reminded me that these things happen. They happened to me when I was kid and they are going to happen again. He had been through this and all parents have. I was starting to feel like not such a bad parent after all. Thank God Ram’s burn was not bad at all. I probably could have gotten away with not even telling Kelly but then I would not have been able to tell you! All in all these new experiences, while not pleasant, are just part of being a parent. Its tough realizing that I can’t protect my daughter from everything. I don’t like it but she is Ram and she can handle it. Have a great week! 

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