This is my last week home before I am off to compete in a pizza competition. I am excited but I am not looking forward to being away from my girls for ten days. It is going to feel like forever! At least there is FaceTime so I think we will survive. I have been so consumed with practice and work I did not get a chance to do much of a post last week and I am a couple days behind this week.

Ramona got what I would call a report card form school this week. According to the available responses the teachers could choose from, Ramona received high marks. She moves fast, babbling all the way. Likes to be a mom to the younger kids, and has a smile for everyone. As I said, high marks!

Kelly took Ramona to the doctor for her 15 month check up and she had to get a couple of shots. Later that day we took her to Target and thought we would get her a little doll. We kept showing her the $10 dolls but she wasn’t having it. She was pointing to one specific doll and she was letting us know. Ram has an opinion, as it turns out it is a strong one. I don’t think either one us were surprised but it was fun to watch her vocalize that opinion in the toy aisle. I say fun now but I don’t think it will be so much fun down the road.

We have been working to eliminate the chupón. We are letting her have it when she sleeps. She has been doing fairly good with it. Ram is mounting somewhat of a fight and she is crafty like her mom. She will dig through the diaper bags until she finds her prize. I believe she is even hiding them for future use. Yesterday she had her hand stretched out so far into the crib her face was getting smashed. When she does get one or starts to melt down we have just been putting her in her crib. The girl is smart. If she wants that pacifier bad enough she is content with just playing in her crib. I think by the time I get back from the pizza games she will be just a sleepy time user.

I hope everyone has a great week. Living life and loving it!

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