It feels so great to be back home with my family. Ten days away is at minimum nine too many. Ramona seemed to grow in both vocabulary and size. She is babbling non stop and the words you can make out is increasing daily. Communicating with her is awesome. I love listening to her and the glow on her face when I actually understand what she is trying to say. I just truly enjoy being dad and I cherish every minute of it.

While I was gone, Kelly and Ramona welcomed Hans MacGruber into our family. I did not realize how much I missed having a dog in the house. Ramona and Hans are already getting into trouble together. It is fun to watch them wrestle and fight over the toys. They have bonded fast. Yesterday morning I got Hans out and he raced into Ramona’s room and woke her up. Ram just woke up with a big grin when she saw her friend. Having this little guy around has made things a bit more trying but I think we are all happy to have a new mate.

Ramona got a report from school yesterday that said she was holding hands, hugging, and kissing a boy. I am not ready for all this. I told her that I was going to have to talk to Ito and Gramps to get some insight on how to handle these boys. I can see the writing and it reads trouble for dad!

I hope everyones week has been going well. I really just began mine and so far it is looking wonderful. Enjoy each other and love life.

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