Dip Dip

Happy Thursday! I look forward to writing this blog every week and this week is no exception. I enjoy having this outlet for all things Ram and I just recently got an instagram account, @ramramsoldman. I will warn you that there is also a healthy dose of pizza photos on there.

This week we had the second swim lesson. Still no crying but she did give the all done sign about five minutes into the class. I have a feeling next week just might bring the tears. We are doing full submersion next week. We have been building up to it but I have a hunch. Now I don’t want you thinking that I want to see tears, I most certainly do not. I want her to face her fear and slap it in the face! I am sure she will be fine, she is tough like her mom. The class is fun and it is awesome doing it with her. Being a dad is self fulfillment.

Tuesday was Ramona’s spring school performance. She was great, happy and having fun as always. Seriously though, it has to be hard work to put something on like that. I admire the staff at the school for being able to orchestrate that event. If you have been to something similar with kids this age you know what I mean. It was a great event. Sadly though, Ramona had a fever sneak up on her and we had to leave right before the end. She is better now.

Ramona met her new cousin, Mary, this week. I think it is safe to assume that these two girls are going to get into quite a bit of trouble together. Congratulations Katie and Michael!

I hope we got all the cold out of the forecast now so we can get back to enjoying spring. Everyone have a fantastic week and make a memory or two.

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